Whitney Wolfe Changes Dating App Scene

Whitney Wolfe has done with people never even considered in the dating app industry. She has taken a concept that was boring and manipulated it in a way that would change the entire dating industry. The concept of swiping left-to-right with pictures is something that many of the dating apps do, but Wolfe has given women the power to make the first decision when it came to messages.

There is an incredible amount of confidence that Whitney Wolfe has with the dating app world changes, but it didn’t always start as her intention to do this. In the early stage she would be the co- founder of Tinder. This would be an app that was very much like other apps, but there was the added element of the left or right swipe. It was the app for millennials that were looking for a chance to connect with others and possibly build relationships through dating apps. Whitney Wolfe was the co-founder of this company, but when she decided to go solo she would take a different approach to the app world altogether.

Bumble would be the app that would spring forth from the mind of Whitney Wolfe. This was a free dating app, but that would only be a part of the equation. When Whitney Wolfe decided to go solo she decided to go big. She also would connect friends with the Bumble BFF app. She is currently also working on a networking side of things for Bumble that resembles the network connections made through LinkedIn. All of these facets of social media are coming together under Bumble, and Whitney Wolfe is the one that is making it happen.

Whitney Wolfe is a young entrepreneur, and her work is inspiring. Women now know that they have a voice as social media entrepreneurs.