How Julie Zuckerberg Became A Strong Executive Recruiter

Julie Zuckerberg is a successful executive recruiter in the city of New York. She has been in the business of recruiting for 15 years and has found success at a variety of companies. Before establishing her professional career she attended the City University of New York-Brooklyn College and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy.

During her career, Julie Zuckerberg has developed a wealth of skills, abilities, and knowledge. She excels at talent acquisition, corporate recruiting, leadership, training, mentoring, hiring, executive searching, and conflict resolution between her team members.

In November 2002, Julie Zuckerberg started her career in recruiting at Hudson in New York City where she was the Director of Candidate Placement. This job entailed matching those in the legal field, such as lawyers, paralegals, and their support staff, with positions at law offices and corporations. After five years she started her career as an executive recruiter when she joined Citi. At Citi, Julie recruited executives to fill positions at this banking giant. This position gave her the opportunity to develop her skills on executive compensation. Executive compensation agreements are far more difficult to complete as they are much more complex than hiring a regular employee of a company. Executive compensation can include equity buyouts, deferred rewards, clawbacks, and other thorny issues. It takes someone who can decipher complex issues like this, such as Julie, in order to successfully negotiate an executive contract.

In November 2013, Julie joined New York Life Insurance Company. During her time at this company she managed a team of executive recruiters which included employees both in-house and those that were outsourced. She worked with senior leaders of the company to identify the needs of their clients as well as innovative way to resolve business problems. However, Julie Zuckerberg didn’t feel this company was a good fit for her so she resigned from this position after four months.

Julie is now an Executive Recruitment Lead and head of US Talent Acquisition for Deutsche Bank. She leads on recruiting executives across Deutsche Bank’s United States operations. This includes US Asset Management, Global Technology & Operations, and Private Wealth and Commercial Clients. She is an expert at describing the best recruitment practices to executive committees at this firm and is a leader in attracting the top talent that includes a diverse group of candidates.

In her personal life, there is a lot of things about New York that she loves doing. She is an avid athlete and is passionate about jogging. She likes to improve her times by learning new techniques and exercises which she applies to her regimen. She also enjoys photography, both her own as well as visiting the exhibits of renowned photographers that often show up in New York City.

As a typical young person, Julie Zuckerberg is very engaged with social media. She has accounts on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest which she keeps updated with new postings. She also enjoys travel and recently updated her Facebook profile with photos of her trip to Barcelona, Spain.