Roberto Santiago Makes Mega Mall

Roberto Santiago is doing some interesting things in the real estate industry in Brazil. He is certainly someone that is changing what people recognized as a shopping center with the Manaira Mall that he created. This has become the thrill for all of those people that are trying to get several things done at the same time. It definitely has become the mall to go to for shopping in Latin America.

Brazil is a hot tourist attraction, and many people come here to take a vacation. There are all types of festive parties and different type of events to see. The beaches are amazing, and the resorts are top of the line for tourists that want a getaway. There are going to be a lot of women that appreciate all of these different things, but no trip for females is complete without a shopping experience. Women love to shop, and they love to bring back things from their vacation.

The Manaira Mall that Roberto Santiago envisioned gives people the opportunity to do this. There are so many stores inside of this Mega Ball, and all of this makes it a great tourist attraction. This is not the only crowd that will visit the mall though. The natives of Brazil are also enticed by this shopping center because Roberto Santiago envisioned something that was completely different from what the standard mall would have.

He wanted to take commercial real estate to a higher plateau with a mega mall that had a food court along with a bar and a bowling alley. He would eventually transform this into an expanded shopping arena that also had a movie theater and concert hall. There are even banquet rooms available for those that will like to have a party in this area. This is great for things like birthdays or corporate celebrations. There are so many things that can be done inside of this mall. That makes it a great environment for anyone that is trying to maximize their time. There is no need to search from one place to the next. Roberto Santiago provides a win for Brazilian economy and the Shoppers that take interest in this mega mall he created.

The economy gets a boost because it entices shoppers to shop even more. Shoppers benefit from having access to a mall that helps them maximize their time. It is definitely a win-win for everyone that gets connected with division that Roberto Santiago has brought forth. He has shown his business skills and created a whole new way to let customers maximize their time. This is a great vision that Roberto Santiago had, and he treated more real estate that was similar to this.