Securus Technologies Background Info

In the modern world, technology embrace seems to be a necessary action for almost every aspect of life. Some wise enough individuals have realized the gap and developed some excellent approaches to seal it up. It is from that base that Securus Technologies has come into existence. With a clear objective to satisfy the universal need of public security, prisons management, and prisoners’ life, the company turned into the global brand pioneer in Offender Management Systems in 2007, the Syscon Justice Systems.


Securus’ is a prison innovation organization situated in Dallas, Texas. It was established in 1986 with local workplaces located in Texas, Allen, Carrollton, Atlanta and Texas, Georgia. After the merger of two leading corrections market industries organization in 2014, Evercom and T-Netix, the company has acquainted a framework with control contraband mobile phones.


Securus’ Managed Access Solutions had gotten endorsement in more than five Departments of Corrections offices by 2016. Securus joined forces with Harris Corporation in July 2016 on “Cell Defender” innovation. Earlier this year, the organization reported its Wireless Containment Solution, which was produced to keep contraband phones from associating with portable systems.


Today, Securus Technologies is the primary supplier of civil and criminal equity innovation answers for public security and wellbeing, remedies and investigating. They so much treasure their client’s feedback. They monitor and publish various office client remarks on utilizing innovation to tackle and forestall violations including prisoner on-detainee wrongdoings.


Most of the clients who have interacted with the organization services have always expressed their gratitude. The security systems have enabled some of them to acquire essential law breaking information. To some extent, this information has been used as enough tangible evidence in a court of law to prosecute the suspects. To others, it has been an excellent framework to curb law-breaking in their organizations. The technology is just the best.