Richard Blair

Richard Blair,founder of Wealth Solutions has built a very successful career based on helping others. After realizing he had a natural affinity for finance while in college he decided to pursue a career in the financial services industry. A year later he would go on to found his own independent investment advisory firm.


Wealth Solutions is easily one of the top advisory firms in the state of Texas. Operating as a Registered Advisory firm it makes the most useful services available to the everyday individual. Richard has a knack for educating and sharing his honed knowledge and experience with clients. His attributes this ability to his love for education. because his mother and grandmother were both teachers he was able to see the affect teaching can have on someone’s life.


Richard’s method, while effective, is relatively simple. It is largely based on the idea that everybody needs a solid plan to fulfill their financial goals. Without proper planning even the most savvy individuals can find themselves in a financial crisis.


Wealth Solutions relies on a three pillar approach. Using this approach the firm is able to get a pretty accurate feel of a client’s current financial situation and their retirement needs. In addition, Wealth Solutions doesn’t use a one size fit all solution. Each plan is customized to fit a particular individual.


The first pillar functions to help a client figure out their financial strengths and weaknesses as well as goals for the future. This is probably the most important pillar.


The second pillar is where the long term strategy comes into place. Investment needs are met and customized for a specific client.


The third pillar covers the topic of insurance. It includes long term care and life insurance.


About Richard Blair


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is more than happy that he decided to go into the financial services industry over 20 years ago. His firm is still thriving all these years later and continues to grow. He helps people avoid making easy to avoid common mistakes by providing reliable strategies for retirement income planning. His ultimate goal is for all his clients to have a successful retirement.


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