Adam Milstein is an Israeli- American activist who has done a great deal of good in recent years. The Chairman of the Board at the Israeli American Council, Adam Milstein is leading the charge for like-minded individuals. Milstein’s commitment to the well being of his people, as well as the well being of humanity at large, has earned him some major clout in certain circles. A humanitarian and role model for future generations, Milstein’s work is far-reaching and impactful.

Milstein is a bonafide humanitarian, with his mark on several different foundations. Chief among them is his own, the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The organization, which has been operating for roughly seven years, is dedicated to educating young people on the issues concerning the state of Israel. An important service that deals with serious issues, the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation has been beneficial in helping a new generation of humanitarians gain a comprehensive understanding of the plight of their people. Additionally, this information is progressive in its use in creating actionable solutions for the future.

The foundation’s inception came from the Milsteins intense belief in creating Pro-Israel sentiments across the nation. Additionally, the foundation is invested in creating a positive relationship with Pro-Democracy organizations. These interests are being executed on with the mindset of empowering future generations, arming them with both knowledge and pride in their heritage.

Adam Milstein continually cements himself as a passionate individual. Progressive, determined, and knowledgeable, Adam Milstein’s effect on the state of Israeli American relationships is nothing short of incredible. Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that this is only the beginning; Adam Milstein is still working hard today and creating new outlets for like-minded individuals to engage and educate the public. Adam Milstein is without question a credit to the Jewish people and the state of Israeli-American relations.

Highly Effective Dick and Betsy DeVos

Highly effective Betsy DeVos, narrowly confirmed by the U.S. Senate as United States Secretary of Education, with her husband, Dick DeVos, contributed millions of dollars to Grand Rapid, Michigan, for its airport revitalization. Dick DeVos serves on the United States Department of Transportation Management Advisory Council of the Federal Aviation Administration. The civilian advisory board advises and oversees FAA long-range planning and spending. His three year term of public service allows him to keep his private sector employment as a pilot, businessman, and educator.




Not easily discouraged, Dick and Betsy DeVos opposed a multi-purpose convention center and sports arena for their Grand Rapids, Michigan, area. They organized a group of local business leaders and proceeded to construct the Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Place Convention Center and Performance Hall, and Michigan State University’s medical school. They did not lose the Grand Rapids skyline to suburban sprawl.


Dick and Betsy DeVos energetically devoted their adult lives as mega-contributors to improving public policy and institutions. From 1989 to 2015, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation contributed $138.7 million including $12.5 million to the $103 million Spectrum Health System children’s hospital.


Parent and Student Choice in Education


Dick and Betsy DeVos realize they don’t always win. Dick lost his campaign for governor in 2006, and while Betsy was unsuccessful in her own state when she sponsored vouchers for poor children to be able to attend private school, she succeeded in the District of Columbia and 24 other states. Parent and student choice in education is one of the DeVos Foundation’s biggest initiatives. Learn more:


The West Michigan Aviation Academy


In 2010, Dick DeVos founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a unique nonprofit public charter school which evolved into a 600-student aviation school at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. The DeVos Great Lakes Education Project advocates for parent and student choices in education. The DeVos family contributed $7 million to match the state student allowance of $7,500 per student, and they lent another $3 million dollars to the school for equipment and future growth.


The aviation charter school instills anything is possible. Travel to international destinations is part of life. Math and science students, motivated by airplanes, master computer science, engineering, and advanced robotics. Not all students want to fly airplanes, but the school offers flight training in two Cessna private planes. Pilots wear white shirts if they have completed a solo flight. Math, literature, and foreign language classes complete the prestigious charter school education.


Dedication and Experience


Dick DeVos enticed AirTran Airways and Southwest Airlines into the Grand Rapids’ airport. Both airlines offer nonstop flights to and from the Grand Rapids Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Southwest offers nonstop flights from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Orlando and Baltimore. The airport’s exponential passenger growth rate led to $45 million in improvements to airport security, new restrooms, business services, convenience stores, and restaurants. Dick DeVos recognized the regional airport’s importance to West Michigan’s economic success. Dick and Betsy DeVos will serve their country well in the United States Departments of Education and Transportation.


Richard Blair

Richard Blair,founder of Wealth Solutions has built a very successful career based on helping others. After realizing he had a natural affinity for finance while in college he decided to pursue a career in the financial services industry. A year later he would go on to found his own independent investment advisory firm.


Wealth Solutions is easily one of the top advisory firms in the state of Texas. Operating as a Registered Advisory firm it makes the most useful services available to the everyday individual. Richard has a knack for educating and sharing his honed knowledge and experience with clients. His attributes this ability to his love for education. because his mother and grandmother were both teachers he was able to see the affect teaching can have on someone’s life.


Richard’s method, while effective, is relatively simple. It is largely based on the idea that everybody needs a solid plan to fulfill their financial goals. Without proper planning even the most savvy individuals can find themselves in a financial crisis.


Wealth Solutions relies on a three pillar approach. Using this approach the firm is able to get a pretty accurate feel of a client’s current financial situation and their retirement needs. In addition, Wealth Solutions doesn’t use a one size fit all solution. Each plan is customized to fit a particular individual.


The first pillar functions to help a client figure out their financial strengths and weaknesses as well as goals for the future. This is probably the most important pillar.


The second pillar is where the long term strategy comes into place. Investment needs are met and customized for a specific client.


The third pillar covers the topic of insurance. It includes long term care and life insurance.


About Richard Blair


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is more than happy that he decided to go into the financial services industry over 20 years ago. His firm is still thriving all these years later and continues to grow. He helps people avoid making easy to avoid common mistakes by providing reliable strategies for retirement income planning. His ultimate goal is for all his clients to have a successful retirement.


To learn more, visit

Fantastic Fitting Fabletics Active Wear Fashions Finally Found on Amazon

With the advent of online shopping, more women are using this huge platform to find clothing styles unavailable elsewhere. Fantastic fitting Fabletics active wear is finally found on Amazon. Fabletics recognized that Amazon is a thriving marketing place that is perfect for relevant fashions. The active wear for women that Fabletics has designed is like nothing seen before with athleisure fashions sold elsewhere. These clothing picks have enticing colors, feminine flair with a wow factor. These fashions are expertly constructed of finer fabrics that feel soft, luxurious and unbelievably cozy. Fabletics aims to influence more athletic wear shoppers to try their gorgeous, authentic and popular designs.


In the past, when a retailer spoke about their showroom, people thought of a car dealership or a mannequin dressed in stylish clothing. Today, online shopping has made the term showroom so much more. Like other clothing designers, Fabletics has an online website presence where their latest available styles are easily found. This site is essentially a type of fashion showroom. Every season, fashions change with top designers newer collections. Fabletics isn’t really interested in what high class designer trends are saying. This fashion retailer came up with an unusual method to stock their online showroom. They termed the process a reverse showroom.


Fabletics is deeply interested in what their customers want in an athleisure wear outfit. The customer’s opinion always tops famous designers fashion predictions. To understand their customers better, Fabletics initiated an online computer system tasked with saving customer information. Fabletics uses a convenient Lifestyle Quiz that gives their valued customers personal shopping insight simply by answering some quick fashion questions. These customers are often astonished at how well this computerized shopping tool described their past shopping habits and gave simplified recommendations for future shopping expeditions. The high tech computerized system is designed to track customer shopping trends, current browse history and purchase details.


All of this customer derived information helps Fabletics decision makers determine what outfits to next display in their physical stores and online shopping showroom. This format allows Fabletics to be a step ahead of customer’s next fashion favorites. Fabletics, with co-founder Kate Hudson, pays close attention to those tiny details that can make or break any company. Fabletics Provides raved about customer service, maintains Fabletics high fashion production standards, keeps an open conversation with customers and delivers original athletic women’s wear that has beauty, style and comfort features.