Richard Blair

Richard Blair,founder of Wealth Solutions has built a very successful career based on helping others. After realizing he had a natural affinity for finance while in college he decided to pursue a career in the financial services industry. A year later he would go on to found his own independent investment advisory firm.


Wealth Solutions is easily one of the top advisory firms in the state of Texas. Operating as a Registered Advisory firm it makes the most useful services available to the everyday individual. Richard has a knack for educating and sharing his honed knowledge and experience with clients. His attributes this ability to his love for education. because his mother and grandmother were both teachers he was able to see the affect teaching can have on someone’s life.


Richard’s method, while effective, is relatively simple. It is largely based on the idea that everybody needs a solid plan to fulfill their financial goals. Without proper planning even the most savvy individuals can find themselves in a financial crisis.


Wealth Solutions relies on a three pillar approach. Using this approach the firm is able to get a pretty accurate feel of a client’s current financial situation and their retirement needs. In addition, Wealth Solutions doesn’t use a one size fit all solution. Each plan is customized to fit a particular individual.


The first pillar functions to help a client figure out their financial strengths and weaknesses as well as goals for the future. This is probably the most important pillar.


The second pillar is where the long term strategy comes into place. Investment needs are met and customized for a specific client.


The third pillar covers the topic of insurance. It includes long term care and life insurance.


About Richard Blair


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is more than happy that he decided to go into the financial services industry over 20 years ago. His firm is still thriving all these years later and continues to grow. He helps people avoid making easy to avoid common mistakes by providing reliable strategies for retirement income planning. His ultimate goal is for all his clients to have a successful retirement.


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Fantastic Fitting Fabletics Active Wear Fashions Finally Found on Amazon

With the advent of online shopping, more women are using this huge platform to find clothing styles unavailable elsewhere. Fantastic fitting Fabletics active wear is finally found on Amazon. Fabletics recognized that Amazon is a thriving marketing place that is perfect for relevant fashions. The active wear for women that Fabletics has designed is like nothing seen before with athleisure fashions sold elsewhere. These clothing picks have enticing colors, feminine flair with a wow factor. These fashions are expertly constructed of finer fabrics that feel soft, luxurious and unbelievably cozy. Fabletics aims to influence more athletic wear shoppers to try their gorgeous, authentic and popular designs.


In the past, when a retailer spoke about their showroom, people thought of a car dealership or a mannequin dressed in stylish clothing. Today, online shopping has made the term showroom so much more. Like other clothing designers, Fabletics has an online website presence where their latest available styles are easily found. This site is essentially a type of fashion showroom. Every season, fashions change with top designers newer collections. Fabletics isn’t really interested in what high class designer trends are saying. This fashion retailer came up with an unusual method to stock their online showroom. They termed the process a reverse showroom.


Fabletics is deeply interested in what their customers want in an athleisure wear outfit. The customer’s opinion always tops famous designers fashion predictions. To understand their customers better, Fabletics initiated an online computer system tasked with saving customer information. Fabletics uses a convenient Lifestyle Quiz that gives their valued customers personal shopping insight simply by answering some quick fashion questions. These customers are often astonished at how well this computerized shopping tool described their past shopping habits and gave simplified recommendations for future shopping expeditions. The high tech computerized system is designed to track customer shopping trends, current browse history and purchase details.


All of this customer derived information helps Fabletics decision makers determine what outfits to next display in their physical stores and online shopping showroom. This format allows Fabletics to be a step ahead of customer’s next fashion favorites. Fabletics, with co-founder Kate Hudson, pays close attention to those tiny details that can make or break any company. Fabletics Provides raved about customer service, maintains Fabletics high fashion production standards, keeps an open conversation with customers and delivers original athletic women’s wear that has beauty, style and comfort features.

Sahm Adrangi, the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009

The formation of Kerrisdale Capital Management by Sahm Adrangi in early 2009, a period that the country was just recovering from the 2007-2008 financial crisis was a significant footprint that set the way for sporadic growth as well as development in the financial sector. Starting with the modus operandi adopted by Sahm Adrangi at the Kerrisdale Capital Management, it was evident that the company had moved into the commercial experience with authority. The love and passion for his work led Sahm Adrangi to develop a unique leadership Strategy that saw to it that the company’s total assets increased to about 150 million dollars as compared to 1 million dollars value of assets when the company started, and

A more significant indicator that Adrangi was a very active business leader was evident through his leadership tenure. For instance, he was not the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management but also the Chief Investment Officer due to his seasoned experience in the financial market. Besides, he was primarily involved in almost the day to day running of the activities of the company. He would ensure that all the prioritizing of the organization are set right as well as looking opportunities that the company might venture to maximize its profitability.

The strategy by Sahm Adrangi that made things different at the Kerrisdale hedge fund was the change of focus of the company. First and foremost, it is publicly known that the hedge fund conducts research programs and then shares its findings with other industries as well as groups. Sahm Adrangi’s directive was that the company should focus on a particular sector that the company had specialized. One such area was Biotechnology segment which the Kerrisdale Capital Managment circulated research on advancement stages of the corporations such as Bavarian Nordic, Sage Therapeutics, Pulse Biosciences, Zafgen, Unilife among just to mention a few. A different segment of expertise was the mining sector that they had started conducting marketing valuations of resources such as Northern Dynasty Minerals and more information click here.

Sahm Adrangi was also an activist for many years. More to the point, he engaged the Lindsay Corporation management in 2013 to make the most of the firm’s distribution of money as well as capital allocation policies.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco And His Contributions At Banco Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the current CEO of Banco Bradesco. He has served in the capacity since 2009 when he succeeded Marcio Cypriano. This position was not handed to him on a silver platter. He had to prove to the board of directors that he was the right man for the job.

Before becoming CEO, Mr. Trabuco served in various senior level positions within the institution including, executive vice president, managing director, and department director. When Trabuco took over the helm, the bank had lost its position as the leading private bank to rival Itau Unibanco. Additionally, the economic conditions in the country at the time impacted negatively on the profitability of businesses in the financial sector. Therefore, the executive had to do everything in his power to gain ground on Itau Unibanco as well as stay profitable.

Within his first year in office, he established a corporate university, Unibrad. This university was meant to help the bank in achieving its objectives by performing activities that foster individual and institutional learning and knowledge. The university was honored at the 2017 GlobalCCU Awards; it was elected as the best corporate university in the world.

Mr. Trabuco also spearheaded the purchase of HSBC Brazil in a multi-dollar deal that was termed the single largest one in the country in 2015. During the same year, Mr. Trabuco was named Entrepreneur of the Year in the finance category by ISTOE DINHEIRO magazine.

About Banco Bradesco S.A.

Banco Bradesco is a commercial bank headquartered in Osasco city in the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo. The bank was founded by Amador Aguiar and two of his friends in the city of Marilia, Sao Paulo. Unlike other financial institutions that served wealthy individuals and big businesses, the bank aimed at providing banking and financial services to government workers, small businesses and modest individuals such as small landowners.

Today, Bradesco bank is a powerhouse by virtually every aspect. For starters, the bank is the third-largest banking institution in Latin America, the second largest privately-owned bank in Brazil and the third largest bank in Brazil by total assets. It is also the largest Brazilian private employer with approximately 108,793 employees. The bank has the largest private network of self-service points in Brazil (27,362 ATMs) and is the only private bank with the largest number of online banking clients (7.5 million users).

Banco Bradesco’s achievements have been possible thanks to its executives who have been dedicated to providing customers with exceptional services. The bank has also grown through the acquisitions it has made over the years. In the 1970s, Banco Bradesco acquired more than a dozen financial institutions based in Brazil. This move enabled the bank to grow its network to 1,000 branches nationwide. In 1998, the bank consolidated its different brands and subsidiary banks to become a multiple service bank.

Among the recent transactions that Bradesco Bank has made include the purchase of BBVA’s Brazilian subsidiary (2003), the Brazilian subsidiary of American Express (2006), Ibi Brazilian subsidiary (2010) and Ibi Mexican subsidiary (2010).


Richard Blair: Financial Advisor Based in Austin, Texas

Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. The firm provides its clients with the services needed to grow, manage and protect their assets. The company’s founder and senior partner is Richard Blair. Richard Blair is the firm’s founder and he serves as a senior partner and advisor for the firm. Richard Blair is a deeply qualified advisor who has a degree in Finance and Financial Management Services from the University of Houston. Additionally he has professional qualifications such as the CAS, RICP, CFS and CES.

Richard Blair is a believer that any investment advice he gives his clients should have a plan. According to Blair a solid plan can enable anyone to pursue any financial goal. Mr. Blair finds fulfilment in providing the Austin community with the services needed to manage their wealth and plan their retirement. The plans that Wealth Solutions provide their clients are based on an inclusive three pillar approach. This approach gives the firm an easy way to grasp the client’s financial institution and create a holistic plan that is suitable to individual clients.

The first pillar that Wealth Solutions uses is identifying the goals, strengths, growth opportunities and risk tolerance. After understanding their client’s background Wealth Solutions can create a financial roadmap for their client that is customized to their financial needs.

The second pillar is used to create a long term investment strategy for the client. This strategy should meet the client’s investment goals and their liquidity needs. Richard Blair usually achieves the second pillar by managing and reallocating the client’s assets such that the client’s portfolio can maximize performance during economic upturns while minimizing losses during economic downturns.

The final pillar involves fulfilling the client’s insurance requirements. This can only be achieved after giving the client an investment strategy that is aligned with their goals. Richard Blair provides his clients with annuities, life insurance and long-term care insurance.

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is passionate about giving investment advice to families, small businesses and individuals. His passion is due to the teaching influence in his family. Both his mother and grandmother were teachers and he witnessed firsthand how teaching increases one’s knowledge and their confidence. His love for teaching and finance led him to create his company Wealth Solutions in 1994. Wealth Solution’s clients can attest to the objective and unbiased advice they receive from Richard Blair.

Up-close with Paul Mamphilly on potential stock market investment opportunities

Many people lack the basic understanding of how the stock markets work. For those who would like to invest in the stock markets, Paul Mamphilly, a stock investment guru in America is one of the people who are ready to help those who do not understand how the stock investments work. Paul Mamphilly has an excellent track record in the stock markets. He is one of the people who has made huge success trading stocks in the United States. His accomplishment is out there for anyone to see. He has been a hedge fund manager for one of the biggest hedge funds on Wall Street. He has many years of experience trading stocks and he clearly knows how to approach the stock markets investments, and learn more about Paul Mamphilly.

Paul Mamphilly showed great ability in trading stocks from a very young age. In one of the most popular stock markets trading competitions, known as Templeton Foundation, Paul Mamphilly emerged the winner after converting $50 million to $88 million without shorting a stock at a time when the economic environment was not doing great at all. Paul Mamphilly left the Wall Street so that he could concentrate on training people on stock investments. His wish is to see as many people as possible invest in the stock markets. He says there are huge benefits in investing capital in stock markets than keeping money in bank accounts that attract low-interest rates.

Paul Mamphilly gives the example of three sectors of the economy that are likely to offer high potential investment opportunities. According to him, technology is the most rewarding sector. Technology has a high potential of getting better with time. People who invest in companies that deals with the technology of the future will make huge returns in the future. Some of the technological trends that will happen in the next few years are as follows.

Electric cars manufacturing is likely to be huge. Americans have started recognizing electric cars as a potential replacement for the gasoline cars. The net effect will be the expansion of the electric cars manufacturing sector. Investors who are keen to invest in these companies will make huge profits from their investments.

Precision medicine is another discipline that will be huge in the future. The medical care sector is coming up with technologically advanced means of testing and diagnosis of the diseases that plague the human life. Precision medicine will involve the use of genetic traits of a patient to determine the treatment that best matches the patient’s genetic traits, and Paul’s lacrosse camp.

Avaaz Is Disputing Fox’s Right To Buy Sky

As its name implies, Avaaz is the voice of the people. Avaaz is a Persian word for voice; however, a similar pronunciation of voice is found in many languages. The voice Avaaz gives is one that speaks about corruption, animal rights, climate change and any other issue where activists want to foster change.

Avazz is involved in fighting media monopolies as well. Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox wants to acquire the remaining percent of Sky, giving Murdoch complete control of the company. Avazz claims that Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, should reevaluate their ruling that Fox is fit to hold a UK broadcasting license. Doing so would reopen scrutiny of Fox News in the US, where there are claims that alleged sexual harassment charges were not handled properly. Cultural Secretary Karen Bradley of the regulator’s office also says that Fox would have too much UK media control.

In a letter sent to the Office of Communications, Avaaz stated that Ofcom used statements made by Fox representatives to make their decision, despite Fox having made false statements in the past.

Avazz’s typical campaign begins with an online petition, although in this case, an attorney for Avaaz sent a letter to the UK’s Office of Communications, which is generally the harbinger of a formal challenge.

Avaaz truly is a global organization, working on six continents and creating campaigns in 15 languages. Besides online petitions, Avaaz takes out advertisements in newspapers and holds in-person protests, running multiple campaigns at the same time.

Philanthropist Adam Milstein and his Successful Hager Pacific Properties Firm

Adam Milstein is currently the managing partner of Hager Pacificproperties, and he is responsible for the finance,disposal, and management of properties in the firm. Adam was initially from Israel and served in Yom Kippur war after which he went to Technion and graduated in 1978.He is an MBA finalist from the University of South Carolina.

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist who is passionate about the strengthening the Jewish people in USA and Israel. Adam is married to Gila, and they have three children. The two have founded the Adam and Gila foundation which serves to educate the young generation on issues facing the Israel and the Jews at Large. The foundation supports different kind of organizations including health medical,policy and research organizations,state of Israel and support,youth and young professional engagement among others. The organizations include Bizrael,EMET,American Society for YadVashemInc,Foundation for Défense democracies among others, and his Website.

Adam Milstein sits on boards of several firms like Israel on campus coalition,stand with us, Hasbara among others, and he is also the National Chairman of Israel -American council. Adam Milstein says the idea of Hager Pacific came after a successful stint as a real estate commercial broker. Adam felt he had the experience to go out on his and that’s how Pacificbegan. Through an interview, Milstein says his typical day is not defined as his firm is still young,but believes that being philanthropic daily makes each day more fulfilling. He advises for ideas to come to life you must consistently push and follow up on plans daily. Adam says the real estate up and down make the industry alluring. The fact that demand is always higher than supply makes the industry exciting, and

Adam advises that the one trait that entrepreneurs should have to make them more productive is follow up,persistence and being consistent. They should seek to understand issues their business is facing themselves without relying on other people. Adam Milstein says that he is in the right industry and would not want to change where he is and believes in doing the best other than setting specific goals as they are limiting. He also advises on consistently following up on each business lead, and learn more about Adam Milstein.

Securus Technologies Background Info

In the modern world, technology embrace seems to be a necessary action for almost every aspect of life. Some wise enough individuals have realized the gap and developed some excellent approaches to seal it up. It is from that base that Securus Technologies has come into existence. With a clear objective to satisfy the universal need of public security, prisons management, and prisoners’ life, the company turned into the global brand pioneer in Offender Management Systems in 2007, the Syscon Justice Systems.


Securus’ is a prison innovation organization situated in Dallas, Texas. It was established in 1986 with local workplaces located in Texas, Allen, Carrollton, Atlanta and Texas, Georgia. After the merger of two leading corrections market industries organization in 2014, Evercom and T-Netix, the company has acquainted a framework with control contraband mobile phones.


Securus’ Managed Access Solutions had gotten endorsement in more than five Departments of Corrections offices by 2016. Securus joined forces with Harris Corporation in July 2016 on “Cell Defender” innovation. Earlier this year, the organization reported its Wireless Containment Solution, which was produced to keep contraband phones from associating with portable systems.


Today, Securus Technologies is the primary supplier of civil and criminal equity innovation answers for public security and wellbeing, remedies and investigating. They so much treasure their client’s feedback. They monitor and publish various office client remarks on utilizing innovation to tackle and forestall violations including prisoner on-detainee wrongdoings.


Most of the clients who have interacted with the organization services have always expressed their gratitude. The security systems have enabled some of them to acquire essential law breaking information. To some extent, this information has been used as enough tangible evidence in a court of law to prosecute the suspects. To others, it has been an excellent framework to curb law-breaking in their organizations. The technology is just the best.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho highlights requirements of becoming a lawyer in Brazil

Brazil has one of the most advanced legal systems in the world. It, therefore, calls for a lot of hard work and dedication to qualify as a lawyer in Brazil. Currently, there are numerous Law Schools that have been established across the country where students can go to study law. These schools have produced some of the best legal minds that work in different corners of the globe.

Qualifying as a lawyer in Brazil is a step-by-step process where you have to meet the set requirements at all stages. The Law Schools established across the country take their task seriously, and they never compromise on quality. This is one of the reasons why Brazilian lawyers are famous across the world. The three stages that a student has to pass through include;

  • Passing Vestibular
  • Getting a graduation degree
  • Passing the National Bar Examination.

Passing vestibular

Brazilian universities only admit students who have passed the vestibular examination. Every student graduating from high school must pass in the vestibular exam to get admission into a college and read full article.

Each college administers the vestibular examination, but now educational institutions have the option to combine their examination with the national examination.

Getting a university degree

After passing the vestibular examinations, the student can now enroll in a University. Earning a degree in law doesn’t exceed five years. The degree is offered by accredited private and public universities in the country and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

Besides the regular training offered by the universities, students pursuing law must develop complementary activities. This is why an internship in a reputable law firm is highly recommended to fill this obligation.

Passing the National Bar Examination

The Brazilian Bar Examination is administered in the whole country, and it takes place two or three times in a year. It is conducted in January, March, and September. The exam is challenging and requires a student to prepare adequately and his Linkedin.

About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Mr. Ricardo Tosto is a renowned lawyer in Brazil. He has been practicing law for more than two decades now. He is the founding partner of Leite Tosto e Barros Advogados, one of the most popular corporate law firms in the country. Mr. Ricardo specializes in debt recovery, corporate restructuring, international law, M&A, electoral law, and commercial and litigation and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.